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Today I have Urban Fantasy author Amanda Carlson visiting for this Authors After Dark Spotlight! Full Blooded (Jessica McClain #1) made it onto my Best Of 2012 list and received a 5/5 Bullet rating!  I have been anxiously awaiting Hot Blooded since the moment I finished Full Blooded!  I am looking forward to meeting her in Savannah Georgia at the Authors After Dark convention!  To learn more about this convention just click on the above graphic!

~About Full Blooded~ 


My Review (5 out of 5 Bullet rating!)

Blurb (from Goodreads)

Born the only female in an all male race, Jessica McClain isn’t just different—she’s feared.

After living under the radar for the last twenty-six years, Jessica is thrust unexpectedly into her first change, a full ten years late. She wakes up and finds she’s in the middle of a storm. Now that she’s become the only female full-blooded werewolf in town, the supernatural world is already clamoring to take a bite out of her and her new Pack must rise up and protect her.

But not everyone is on board. The werewolf Rights of Laws is missing text and the superstitious werewolves think that Jessica means an end to their race. It doesn’t help when Jessica begins to realize she’s more. She can change partway and hold her form, and speak directly to her wolf. But the biggest complication by far is that her alpha father can’t control her like he can the rest of his wolves.

When a mercenary who’s been hired by the vampires shows up to extract information about the newly turned werewolf only days after her change, they find themselves smack in the middle of a war and there’s no choice but to run together. When it’s up to Jessica to negotiate her release against her father’s direct orders, she chooses to take an offer for help instead. In exchange, Jessica must now swear an oath she may end up repaying with her life

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~About Hot Blooded~

13594842 (1)

Release Date: April 23, 2013

Blurb (from Goodreads)

It hasn’t been the best week for Jessica McClain.

Her mate has been kidnapped by a Goddess hell-bent on revenge — but Jessica is playing for keeps.

Because she’s the only female werewolf in town…it comes with its own set of rules…and powers.

Aided by two vamps, two loyal Pack members, and one very reluctant human, Jessica must rescue her man while coming to terms with what being a wolf really means.

All in a day’s work for a girl.

The second novel in the Jessica McClain series is a full on action adventure featuring one angry Goddess and plenty of monsters, demons, and a few newly risen beasties…


~Author Interview~

Annie:  What have you been most surprised about since Full Blooded release date?

Amanda: How awesome my fans are. I’ve gotten the sweetest notes from people thanking me for introducing my characters to the world. It’s been humbling and so very amazing.

Annie:  Can you give us a little teaser of Hot Blooded?

Amanda: Jessica is on the hunt to find her man, and along the way she encounters trouble. She begins to figure out what she’s capable of and what it means to be the only female wolf on the planet. It’s an action packed romp, full of a lot of fun surprises and twists.

Annie:  What was your biggest challenge when writing this series?

Amanda: Keeping my world contained. If you can dream it up, it exists. My creative side would love to unleash each and every supe. I can’t possibly talk about them all, but I introduce quite a few unique beasties in HOT BLOODED. It was such a blast to write.

Annie:  What characters do you find the easiest to write – the bad?  The good?  The murderous psychos?

Amanda: I love all the different character voices, so it’s fun to do them all. Changing the conversations up is key. What I love doing the most is writing the action and the smex. What I don’t love writing is the in between. Your characters have to take a break once in a while so the reader can regroup, but that’s not my strong suit. I love staying knee-deep in the action and I do try to keep the story moving at a fast pace most of the time.

Annie:  What are you most looking forward to experiencing while attending the Authors After Dark Savannah Nights Convention?

Amanda: I love meeting the bloggers and fans. It’s so fun to put faces with names, and the best part is getting to chat about what I love the most – writing and urban fantasy. It’s such a treat to spend time with others who love it just as much.

Annie: So I love music almost as much as books.  Do you think your characters or books have theme songs?  What are they??

Amanda: My theme song for this book was…wait for it…Hot Blooded by Foreigner! I know that’s a shocker. But some of my favorite mood songs are by Kings of Leon and Florence + The Machine. I have to write in silence, but to get motivated I’ll put in a strong song to set the mood.

Annie: If you could compare yourself to any fictional character who would that be? (tv, movies, literature)

Amanda: Myself, huh? I’d be a conglomeration, I think. A little bit of wacky, a little kickass, and a little humor all mixed together. Who does that make me? Liz Lemon in Tomb Raider? I just cracked myself up! I’ll take it.

Annie: What is your go-to Monopoly token?

Amanda: Sadly, I picked the iron on more occasions than one. I just ironed my way around the board. It was so easy to move it with the cute little handle. Will I miss it? Nah. The shoe worked just as well. (I was secretly hoping the robot would win.)

Annie: If you were fighting zombies what would your weapon of choice be?

Amanda: Some sort of sharp spear. I’d go right for the eyes. I’d have a back up gun, but aiming from a distance would not be my forte. I’d likely scream like a girl every time I fired it. I nice sharp spear could mess up the brain nicely.

Thanks so much for having me, Annie! Can’t wait to meet you! HOT BLOODED releases April 23rd and I can’t wait to share it with the readers.

~About the Author~

amanda-carlsonI’m a Minnesota girl, born and bred. I started writing stories about teenage girls and their social missteps when I was in high school. I still have the handwritten spiral notebooks to prove it.

I started writing in earnest after my second child was born. After purchasing our first computer, I thought to myself, what better way to spend my time than e-mailing unsuspecting family members super cute stories about my exceptionally darling children? Isn’t that what computers were made for anyway?

The writer in me stretched and gave a defiant shove. I was hooked.

I jumped into writing classes, joined local writing chapters, organized author book signings, joined critique groups and participated in conferences. I had a blast writing a column in a local food & wine publication, and eventually tied together all my parenting stories into one full compilation.

My first fiction attempt was a contemporary romance, but I couldn’t seem to find the story. After my kids starting bringing home YA urban fantasy, I suddenly knew where my passion for fiction writing had been hiding. It was inside the action packed pages of an Urban Fantasy novel. Reading each new series was so much fun, I quickly realized this genre brought something to the storyline I hadn’t really seen before. It brought a hefty shot of adrenaline combined with a side of female kickass, all combined with that element of “other” I found so intriguing.

After reading YA, I picked up every adult UF I could get my hands on and I’ve been fully immersed in this genre ever since. On occasion I still pick up a “regular” book. But for the most part I find them lacking in superpowers and the excitement of the unexpected.

I started FULL BLOODED because kickass heroines rock and I love shifters of all kinds. There aren’t enough warm-blooded girls to go around, in my opinion. I fell into Jessica’s story and had such a great time writing it. I couldn’t imagine writing anything other than urban fantasy now.

When you’re creating a story in this fantastic genre, it can contain almost any elements you can dream up. Creatively, for me, there’s nothing better.

Now I think it’s about time to share it with all of you.

Amanda is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with a BA in both Speech and Hearing Science & Child Development. She went on to get an A.A.S in Sign Language Interpreting and worked as an interpreter until her first child was born. She enjoys playing Scrabble to an unhealthy degree, shopping trips to Ikea and has a great weakness for tropical beaches. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and three kids.

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