Book Barrage and Giveaway: Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3) by Gabrielle Bisset

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Welcome to today’s spotlight on Blood Spirit by Gabrielle Bisset!  The entire Sons of Navarus series is on my TBR pile and I cannot wait to read them!  So join me in learning more about them and watch the trailer!


Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3)
by Gabrielle Bisset
Erotic Paranormal Romance (Action)
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,000


I am everything you seek. I am vampire.

 Blessed with the gift of telepathy, Terek always knows what a woman wants. His gift has afforded him nightly sensual pleasures and exotic treats for centuries, but beneath the surface he yearns for much more.

Ilona can give him what his soul craves, but only if he trusts his heart. One fateful choice made out of desire puts all he cares for in danger. With a civil war and the threat of Archon hunters at every turn, this Son may lose everything if he can’t find the balance between heart and mind.


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Excerpt (Over 18)

Ilona sighed. “Terek, I don’t seem to be like any of your other vampires.”

She was right.

“I have thousands of vampires, Ilona. You’ve just seen the ones who live here.”

“Are they all women?”

Shaking his head, he laughed. “No. Not all of them. Does that matter?”

He saw it did matter by the way her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. “Ilona, what’s wrong?”

She closed her eyes and turned away so he couldn’t see her face. “I’ve never been like this. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I barely know you and my head tells me I have every reason to hate you. I know this. But I’m consumed by jealousy at the thought of you with these women and thousands I haven’t even met.”

Terek stared silently at her, unsure of what to say. It was perfectly natural she would be attracted to him. Vampires were sensual beings, and the pull of a sire to a vampire was common. Everything she was experiencing was exactly as it should be.

Before he could tell her this, she turned toward him. “I don’t want to feel this way toward someone who doesn’t feel anything for me.”

The shame in her voice bothered him. Why did she think he felt nothing for her?

“I care about you as I care for all my vampires.”

That wasn’t exactly the truth. In fact, he cared much more for her after only such a short time.

“Chattel. Or worse, as a plaything. Somehow you’ve made me care for you, and I’m simply the latest addition to your collection.”

“Ilona, you’re not a plaything or part of a collection. I didn’t choose to sire you. You were dying because of another vampire’s choice and begged me to save you.”

“Even worse then. I’m a mistake you’re saddled with.”

Terek winced at the pain of her words. Mistake. She believed she was unwanted and unloved. She had no idea the effect she had on him and how much he struggled against the growing feelings for her inside him.

He let his desire control him and leaned toward her, taking her in his arms. A need to feel her mouth yielding to his overtook him, and he kissed her hard, needing her to understand how much he wanted her.

But she didn’t yield. Instead, she met his desire with her own, snaking her tongue past his lips to tease the tip of his tongue. Such a common act he’d experienced countless times before with women now excited him more than he could believe, and his cock sprang to life, pressing hard against his hipbone.

She tasted like some exotic fruit Jasmine seldom found at the market—a treat he rarely got to enjoy but relished so much more when he could. She clung to him by the neck as she pressed her body to his, leaving him in no doubt as to what she wanted.

He wanted it too.

“Ilona…” He stopped, unsure what he’d wanted to say as she slid her hand down the front of his pants.

Looking at him, her eyes wide, she said, “No, don’t say anything. I need this. I don’t want to think about who you are with the others. Even if you have to pretend, then pretend. Just let me have something about being a vampire that brings me happiness.”

Her hand felt like silk as she slid it up and down his stiff cock, grazing the tip just enough to make his hips come up off the bed. His mind was nowhere else but right there with her.

Groaning his desire for more, he tugged a fistful of hair, pulling her head so she looked into his eyes. “No pretending.”


~About the Author~

GabrielleBisset-PhotoGabrielle Bisset’s first book was released in June 2011, and since then readers have fallen in love with her paranormal stories with just the right amount of history thrown in. From her own creations, the Aeveren, to her vampires of the Sons of Navarus series, Gabrielle blends the genres of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in her own unique way. Her stories are sexy and smart, transporting the reader to another world.

 When she’s not writing, she loves to relax with family and friends making great food and memories. Find out more about Gabrielle and her books at

Connect with Gabrielle Bisset via:

Website ∫  Blog ∫ Sons of Navarus Website ∫  Facebook Fan Page 
 Sons of Navarus FB Fan Page Twitter ∫ Pinterest


$5 Amazon GC and swag pack from Sons of Navarus series (bookmarks, cover flats, trading cards)

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  1. kazza16 says:

    Gabrielle Bisset just keeps getting better with every book! Terek will steal your heart.

  2. Thanks for being a part of Blood Spirit’s blog barrage! It’s great to be back here. :)

  3. julie beasley says:

    i enjoyed seeing the trailer again, Terek is my favourite son, his book is absolutely wonderful. He is such a gorgeous senusal Vampire. im really enjoying the whole series

  4. Jantte Lopez says:

    This whole series is just so original and a breath of fresh air. I love strong heroes and Terek is just that!!!

  5. Lori Cameron says:

    Just wonderful again Gabrielle. I still want my own Terek, or Vasilije or any of them LOL. The Sons of Navarus rocks. Everyone should read them.

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