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Welcome to the kick-off of The Cat’s  Meow Blog Tour!  I anxiously awaited for the release of The Cat’s Meow and was honored to be a part of this tour!   Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

TheCatsMeow_FullSize (1)

The Cat’s Meow
Witch’s Brew Book One
Urban Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 9781622668571
Release date: December 13, 2012


A good witch always has a kick-ass back-up plan.

Libby is an Enchantress—a witch gifted by the Goddess to conjure spells. When a magical presence is detected around a recent string of feline slayings, Libby takes the case to uncover the reasons behind the odd deaths. Much to her displeasure, the coven also sends a sexy warlock, Kale, to assist her.

While having the muscle around proves to be useful, fighting the attraction between them is worse than a hex, especially considering Kale is keeping secrets. But soon, Libby has bigger problems than the elusive warlock when her spells turn up clues that point to something far more sinister than slaughtered cats.

Now Libby has landed herself in the midst of an uprising. She trusts no one and isn’t safe—not from the warlocks stirring up trouble. Not from the worrisome rebellion she can’t escape. And certainly not from Kale, who is weaving a very dangerous spell over her heart.

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You can read Booked & Loaded’s review HERE


Peyton rolled her eyes, giving her customary flippant look. “Find who’s responsible.”

I snorted. “What am I, a pet detective?”

“Yes, Lib, that’s exactly what you are.” She frowned. “Must you be a smart-ass all the time?”

I grinned. “I must.”

She ignored my dig—as usual—and carried on in a hurried tone. “Stop stalling, conjure a spell, and fix it.”

“You know I can’t—it’s dead.” I glanced at the cat and groaned. Yes, still very dead. “The coven would wring my neck if I brought it back to life.”

The role as Enchantress with the coven came with one rule—never step out of white magicboundaries. Resurrecting a dead cat hit the no-no list. My job within the coven: stop those who went against the coven rules to protect human lives, since the last thing we needed was the human population going out on a witch hunt. The coven existed to keep witches in Charleston safe. That one law ruled my life.

Peyton’s shoulders slumped and her eyes saddened. “Okay, okay. I know we can’t, but it’s so sad, the poor little kitty.”

My best friend at her finest: her soft heart in this cold magical world had never changed over the years. Yet Peyton’s innocence had once been damaged by loss and pain over the death of her mother, and ever since she’d been emotionally fragile. Three years ago, I’d seen her go into a deep depression at the death of a teenager, and it took her a good month to recover. I would give my life to ensure she stayed away from anything that could damage her again.

Especially now, seeing the vulnerability in her eyes, confirming that any death still rattled her. “Who’d do this?”

“Someone after a higher power.”

At the low velvety voice, I glanced over my shoulder, scowling at the approaching warlock. The coven’s muscle came after I found the offenders. I preferred no help, so his presence at my scene awakened my inner bitch.

Not to say I didn’t realize their worth to the coven. I might be brave, but I couldn’t kill, and warlocks held that desire in spades. However, his presence this early in an investigation meant this matter leaned to the serious side. The coven wouldn’t have called him in if something wasn’t up. More to the point, called in a warlock I’d never seen before. Two strikes against my coven on the “what the hell are they doing” meter.

“Go away.” I pushed the bitch to the forefront of my voice and snapped, “I’ll call the coven when I’m done.”

“I’m looking for Libby Jenkins.” The warlock stopped a foot away by a fallen tree, ignoring my demand, and in the same low voice with a slight Southern accent said, “Would that be you?”

I grunted, not at all impressed with the confidence he exuded, either in his voice or his powerful posture. Doubly annoyed, in fact. “I’m Libby. You are?”

As he took a step into the moonlight, the shadows of the night left his face. He appeared relaxed, shoulders back in his black T-shirt, chest out, and chin lifted. Typical I am a fine specimen of man.

His eyes were a shadowy gray and his face was defined by hard angles, from his high cheekbones and sculpted jaw to lips that seemed carved out for a serious smooch. His chocolate- brown hair reached the bottom of his ears, all scruffy and sexy-like, and he filled out his pair of faded blue jeans well enough.

Not like that impressed me either. Warlocks tended to be pretty. Maybe to some I’d be easy on the eyes with my small frame, longish light-brown hair with honey and auburn highlights, and my dark-blue eyes. But it came from the magic, not a natural gift. Besides, witches aged the same as the humans we lived among. We just tended to do it a little more gracefully, and typically lived to be over a hundred.

The warlock’s focus swept over Peyton as if he took a measure of her before his firm gaze returned to me. “I’m Kale Griffin. The coven requested I join you on this case.”

Great. What serious danger had I landed myself in? “They what?”

Sure, Kale looked nice, but I didn’t want—or need—his help. The idea of being teamed up with a warlock interested me about as much as if someone pulled out my hair strand by strand. Besides, never in all the years I had worked for the coven did they team me up with a warlock, which only made me wonder why they’d done it. I thought back over the past cases I’d worked. Perhaps some cases took longer to solve than others, but why in the hell had they sent me a babysitter now?

~About the Author~

staceykennedyStacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart-squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll also find fast-paced action, life-threatening moments, and a big bad villain who needs to be destroyed. She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children. If she’s not plugging away at a new story—which is rare because her muse is annoying—you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural and Dexter.
Stacey welcomes comments from readers. You can find her at:

Website ∫ Facebook ∫ Twitter ∫ Goodreads

Stacey will also be attending thee Authors After Dark Savannah Nights convention in 2013.  For more information about attending authors, find out about events, and purchase tickets you can click the graphic below.



~This & That with Stacey Kennedy~

Cat or Dog?

Without a doubt, I’m a dog lover. We just got a new puppy that is so dang cute, but don’t tell my three cats that!

Witch or Shifter?

I’ll have to go with a witch, since they’re my favorite heroines to write. Of course, you’d never see me turn away a sexy werewolf.

Ocean or Mountains?

Ocean views are pretty. For me, though, I’d rather the view of mountains and trees. What can I say, I’m a camper and love forests!

Drive or Ride?

Ride. I’m much better and happier not in the driver’s seat.

Clean shave or 5 o’clock shadow?

Clean shave. I absolutely hate facial hair. It tickles…and not in a good way.

Morning or night?

I’m such a night owl. My body loves to stay up extremely late, but the problem is, my kids get up early. It’s a constant battle and a lot of Melatonin to trick my body into being an early bird.

Bottle or Tap?

For whatever reason, I don’t like the taste of tap beer. Gimme a bottle of Alexander Keith’s and I’m a happy girl!

Handcuffs or Riding Crop?

If I ask you nicely, can I have both?

Facebook or Twitter?

Oh, I’m a total Facebook junky. I’ve gained so many amazing friendships on Facebook. Twitter and I are still figuring each other out!

Steak or Chicken?

I’d say steak, because it’s so delicious, but I tend to eat more chicken than I do steak. So, I guess…I’ll pick chicken. If you fed me some Chicken Cordon Bleu, I would love you forever!

Print or Ebook?

I used to buy print for my favorite authors. Now, I only buy ebooks and get my favorite authors to sign print books at conferences!

Skirt or Jeans?

I, like most gals, love to get pretty and dress up sometimes. But for the most part, I’m all about the comfy clothes and live in my pair of jeans.

Socks or Barefoot?

Socks. Though, I actually prefer slippers! I love warm feet!


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Thank you to Stacey Kennedy for stopping by Booked & Loaded!

  1. ladyvampire says:

    This sounds like a fabulous book! I loved the excerpt and the cover is beautiful and eye catching. Congrats on this all new release!
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  3. Amanda Lisle says:

    Looks like a fun read!

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    Love love Stacey’s books.Can’t wait to read this!

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  5. Thanks, Annie, for hosting me today! And thanks to everyone for stopping in!! ;-D

  6. chickie434 says:

    I absolutely love the cover! Sounds like an interesting book, count me in!

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  7. This sounds really good Stacey. Do you have a planned number of books in the series or are you going to wing it?

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    Nice excerpt.


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