Review: Stifle: A Just Breathe Ephemera by Kendall Grey

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**This is an over 18 review**


Stifle by Kendall Grey was packed full of steamy visions and contained most of the things you see warnings about.  This is definitely an erotic short story that is pulled from the mind of Sinnder.  Sinnder is a very naughty boy.  Hell, he’s even a nominee for best villain in the Bookie Awards!  Although..after reading this you might decide that being that naughty might not be too bad.  Stifle is made to be read as a supplement to the Just Breathe Trilogy.  It is not a complete Novella with an entire story.  What it IS, is a surprisingly hot fantasy of Sinnders..that just might become yours as well.  It was very well written and from page one I could not put it down.  If you are in need of some pure steamy, hot, and well written Erotica…Stifle will not disappoint.  It was a beautifully written erotic story with a great emotional element that gives you more depth into Sinnder.

Stifle has been nominated for Best Short Erotic Story of the Year and Sinnder has been nominated for Best Villian – so if you read this and want to vote – you can do by going: HERE


Sinnder is a hotter-than-blazes Fyre Elemental who thrives on the Fire of sex, and Scarlet, his partner in crime, plans to hook him up. Charged with “occupying” headstrong Zoe Morgan’s attention at a local music club while Scarlet tries to get back in rock star Gavin Cassidy’s bed, Sinnder walks into Shaggy’s with zero expectations. But meeting Gavin’s dream lover Zoe face-to-face arouses addictive heat he never anticipated. Captivated by the promise of the fiery passion lurking beneath Zoe’s good-girl exterior, Sinnder will do whatever it takes to go down in flames with her – and Gavin if he has to.

STIFLE takes the reader on wild ride through the twisted mind of an Elemental consumed not only by Fire but by the ashes of his past. This sizzling bit of Just Breathe Ephemera features highly explicit content. Readers are strongly cautioned.
I rate Stifle: A Just Breathe Ephemera, 5 out of 5 Bullets!!
To learn more about the author, Kendall Grey, you can visit her:

Kendall Grey is also a featured author for Authors After Dark Savannah Nights – so watch for her spotlight in January!  The first two installments of this series are reviewed here:  Inhale Exhale

**I personally purchased  Stifle from Amazon and received no compensation for this review. 

  1. “…after reading this you might decide that being that naughty might not be too bad.” This made me laugh. I really don’t read erotica, but I’m glad to hear this was captivating with a good story.

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